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« When André Strauss, my grandfather, entered Jacques Simon’s workshop as an apprentice in 1931, he couldn’t imagine this adventure into the realm of stained glass would continue to this day. And it did!
Yet, after acquiring the essential knowledge and qualifications to reach the status of Master, he decided to make a living of it and, of course, transmitted this priceless knowledge to the next generations, respecting the traditions and the spirit of stained glass.
Thus, after gaining considerable fame thanks to the quality of his work, he taught his daughter, my mother, his work. In the wake of this Master, fulfilled with technical, spiritual and moral teachings, it was her time to become a Master.
Perpetuating the traditions and the secrets from their elders, Blandine Strauss, my mother, and her husband, my father Bernard Dazelle themselves heirs of glass Masters of the Middle Ages, created and sold an incredible amount of work that led to an extraordinary reputation. My parents became some of the most sought after stained glass artists in the Southwest of France.
Covering the four counties which are the « Pyrénées Atlantiques », the « Hautes-Pyrénées », the « Gers » and the « Landes », the family business finishes and confirms its foundations in the region.
The transfer of family knowledge didn’t stop there since my mom, naturally, transmitted to my sister and me this exceptional heritage.
In this third millennium grows the third generation of stained glass artists within the Strauss-Dazelle family, which explains the story of the artist that I am.  »
Erwin Dazelle

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