12 octobre 2010

Visitors to the winery will notice that the façade now sports a fresh, lively look in the form of an original “Live Performance” painting by renowned French artist Erwin Dazelle. The depiction of wine flowing into a glass is an integral theme throughout Dazelle’s work to be found in his first American Exhibition “A La Tienne” that debuted in Paso Robles October 12– 18 at the Paso Wine Center. While Mr. Dazelle was in town, he spent a few days at the winery creating the new look as onlookers witnessed this “Live Performance” art. Dazelles’ first American Exhibition Tour was “an American Dream come true,” says the artist, who grew –up in south west France playing GI Joe and hoping one day to come to America. Erwin Dazelle’s work is multi– faceted. As a third generation stained glass artist, his graphics are bold and naïve, exhibiting a pop–chic tendency. While his American tour “A La Tienne” work is acrylic on canvass and linen, he is also expert in the mediums of steal,wood and clay modeling, and has recently designed a collection of prêt-àporter wear for the French label Paseo. Inspired at an early age by his famous Grandfather André Strauss in stained glass art, he has carried over these techniques to canvas, and applied them in rich color to the themes central to his Basque ancestry, such as The Basque Country, Jambon Bayonne, and The Bull Ring. It is fitting that Mr. Dazelle’s art graces L’Aventure, as he and Stephan share the common dream of making America the place in which to fulfill their ultimate artistic expression.


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